We offer the following materials for activities. You can use this free of charge or for a small fee (consumables).


Kubb-game: A popular Swedish game

Kubb is a very nice game from Sweden. You play it in two teams and the goal is to turn all kubbs (square blocks) with elongated sticks. If you have overturned all the other opponents' kubbs, you may try to throw the king over. Game rules and equipment to borrow at the staff house.


GPS geocache

We have set out a geocache route at the campsite. You can ask the route at the camp staff. Walk the route from waypoint to waypoint on the campsite using your own GPS or one of the GPS 's that you can borrow from the campstaff and find the treasure! 


Klootschieten (Ball game)

Klootschieten is a game that is mainly played in the east and north of our country. The aim is to play the ball (the 'Kloot') over a set route with as few throws as possible. The rules, route and materials can be borrowed from the staffhouse.

Fire stamp

With the help of the campstaff you can have a fire stamp in materials such as wood and leather. For example in your woggle, hat, belt or a wooden board. Nice as a reminder of your camp in Dwingeloo!





Online bookings

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Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

... 22 hectares
... 15 campfields
... free use of pioneeringpoles
... only € 5,00 person / night
... beautiful Dutch surroundings