At the staffhouse you can borrow and buy various camping- and play materials. Our starting point is that the materials to be borrowed for camping groups can be used free of charge.

You can borrow

  • Pioneering poles (1 - 6 meters);
  • Firebowls;
  • Cooking crates;
  • Topographic maps;
  • Luggage carts;
  • Firewood.

The above materials are provided free of charge in normal use.

For Sale

  • Campsouvenirs;
  • Scoutshop articles (limited assortiment such as badges, woggles, knives);
  • Trashbags;
  • Petroleum.


Playing games

  • Klootschieten (Typical sport in The Netherlands and Est Frisia, Germany)
  • Kubbgame;
  • Fire stamp (on leather, wood, ...);
  • Geocachingroute;
  • One- of twoday hikes.


Online bookings

Want to camp in
Dwingeloo? Bookings can be made online via our online booking-form.


Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

... 22 hectares
... 15 campfields
... free use of pioneeringpoles
... only € 5,00 person / night
... beautiful Dutch surroundings