Forgot your plate, lost cutlery? Or do you want to buy a nice badge or name band as a reminder of your camp in Dwingeloo?

At Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo we have a small Scoutshop with several nice items: Badges, namebands, postcards, woggles, pocket knives, badges, flashlights, etc. We do not have the entire stock of the Dutch Scoutshop articles, but we can order it for you and in most cases, the same week onsite. In addition to Scoutshop items, we also sell items such as trashbags, sisal ropes and petroleum.


Postcard Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

Send a nice postcard to your family & friends? Buy this fun post card at the camp staff and let them know how much fun it is in Dwingeloo!

€ 0,25 per item


Badge Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

The one and only badge from the Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo! A must have for you if you have camped at the Labelterrein in Dwingeloo! Will he soon also be on your uniform?

€ 2,- per item


Woggle Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

Lost your woggle or just buy a nice souvenir from your camp in Dwingeloo? Our woggles are equipped with a unique fire stamp with the siepel of the Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo! Or stamp them yourself (under the supervision of the campstaff)

€ 1,70 per item


Nameband Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo 2018

Been on camp in Dwingeloo? Then buy such a nice nameband. Is great. Also on your uniform! And a must have for the real collector.

€ 0,30 per item



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Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

... 22 hectares
... 15 campfields
... free use of pioneeringpoles
... only € 4,85 person / night
... beautiful Dutch surroundings