Yes. We would like to separate the waste. Not only bacause it's better for the environment, it also saves us (and therefore also the campers) in the costs of waste disposal.

  • Paper and cardboard can be stored in the paper container. Please make cardboard boxes flat before you put them in the container.
  • Glass, tin and empty batteries can be stored in the relevant containers in the village (in the parking lot behind the Albert Heijn).
  • You can put residual waste in a loose (unsealed) waste bag in the container at the staff house.
  • Theme-materials, chairs, broken tents, etc. must be taken home.


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Scouting Labelterrein Dwingeloo

... 22 hectares
... 15 campfields
... free use of pioneeringpoles
... only € 4,85 person / night
... beautiful Dutch surroundings